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IR LEDsIR LEDs- New & Latest
Kingbright IR LEDs selection features infrared emitter & phototransistor in the wavelength range from 880nm to 940nm @ 20mA (or *50mA) with different lens options and viewing angles from 20° to 160°.

Compact RGB New Compact 0606 & 1608 RGB- New
Exploit the latest technology and achieve exceptional performance in the industry standard 1.6x0.8mm and 0.6x0.6mm footprint. Available in both standard and low current option for all design needs.

  • IR LEDs
  • Kingbright 2018-2019 Catalog
  • HELI DOME Series
  • HELI-UM Ultra Miniature series
  • HELI Colour series
IR LEDs Kingbright 2018-2019 CatalogHELI DOME Series HELI-UM Series HELI Colour series
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Kingbright: Innovative LED Manufacturers

About Kingbright’s LED products and components

  If you're looking for the leading innovator of LED products, turn to Kingbright. We've been setting the standard for LED manufacturing for over
30 years. We believe in paring technological innovation with product reliability and environmental conscientiousness. Our investments in research and development show in each of our high efficiency LEDs. With manufacturing plants in China and sales offices around the world, including the U.S., Europe, and Asia, Kingbright truly provides a global presence for LED excellence. Despite this international reach, we still manage to provide personalized, attentive service to each and every customer.
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