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Kingbright Unveils Newest Addition to Their LED Lineup: The HELI2
The High-brightness, Energy-efficient, Low-current Illumination LED Offers up to 30% in Cost Savings

March 2, 2015

Los Angeles, California

Kingbright has announced a new addition to their lineup of LED products, the HELI2 series. Engineered to meet the low current and low forward voltage requirements typically associated with battery operated devices and mobile electronics, this newest lineup of LED offerings distinguishes itself from similar products on the market by producing a high luminosity output while still delivering a significant cost savings.

Exploiting the latest in AlGalnP and InGaN material technology, the HELI2 is able to produce a luminous output up to ~3,000mcd with 2mA while also delivering a cost savings of up to 30%. In addition, the HELI2 delivers a high luminosity output at low current and low forward voltage (Vf). With this rare combination of high-brightness, energy efficiency and cost savings, the HELI2 is able to boast a significant and marketable advantage that makes it a perfect fit for high-volume, cost-sensitive applications.

In compliance with RoHS regulations and made available in various industry standard SMD packages and Through-Hole packages, the HELI2 is built for use within battery operated devices, mobile electronics, wearable products and outdoor electronics. This feature versatility gives designers the flexibility to meet the rigorous standards across any number of consumer electronics, healthcare, mobility, and small home appliances applications.

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About Kingbright
Kingbright is a leading manufacturer with over 30 years of technological innovation in LED components and offers the most comprehensive, reliable and robust LED products in the industry. All Kingbright products are compliant to world-class standards, and all four of our manufacturing plants in Shenzhen, China are accredited with TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certification. Kingbright’s long-standing commitment to R&D has led to the development of superior LED technologies. For additional product and company information, please visit