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APTD1608CGCK1.6X0.8MM (0603) DOME LENS GREEN SMD LED570nm80190mcd @20mA 60°Data sheet
APTD1608F3C1.6X0.8MM (0603) INFRARED SMD LED940nm1.23Po (mW/sr) @20mA 120°Data sheet
APTD1608LCGCK1.6X0.8MM (0603) LOW CURRENT GREEN SMD LED570nm68mcd @2mA 60°Data sheet
APTD1608LQBC/D1.6X0.8MM (0603) LOW CURRENT BLUE SMD LED465nm1020mcd @2mA 40°Data sheet
APTD1608LSECK/J3-PF1.6X0.8MM (0603) DOME LENS LOW CURRENT RED SMD LED625nm50120mcd @2mA 60°Data sheet
APTD1608LSECK/J4-PF1.6X0.8MM (0603) DOME LENS LOW CURRENT ORANGE SMD LED605nm80150mcd @2mA 60°Data sheet
APTD1608LSURCK1.6X0.8MM (0603) LOW CURRENT RED SMD LED630nm1530mcd @2mA 60°Data sheet
APTD1608LSYCK1.6X0.8MM (0603) LOW CURRENT YELLOW SMD LED590nm2040mcd @2mA 60°Data sheet
APTD1608LSYCK/J3-PF1.6X0.8MM (0603) DOME LENS LOW CURRENT YELLOW SMD LED590nm3055mcd @2mA 60°Data sheet
APTD1608LVBC/D1.6X0.8MM (0603) DOME LENS LOW CURRENT BLUE SMD LED470nm3065mcd @2mA 40°Data sheet

† Lens colors in 3D files are for display purpose only, please refer to Datasheet for precise lens type and color.
† In case of discrepancy, dimensions in 2D PDF files supersede data in 3D specification files.