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If you have already placed your order, select "My Account" to check your order and delivery status. If the product your order is not available in stock at that time, the standard lead time is five (5) weeks.

To calculate when your shipment will arrive, please reference the shipping method you selected as well as the availability of the part. Here is the equation we use to calculate shipment arrival time:
Lead time (5 weeks) + Shipping Time = Total Delivery Time

Does Choosing Next Day Air Mean My Order Will Arrive Tomorrow?
Not all the time! If the part you order is not in stock at the time, we will not be able to fulfill your order. Keep in mind that there is no weekend delivery for Second or Next Day Air.

Shipping Options
Please note that UPS and FedEx do not deliver to P.O. Box addresses.

  1. Domestic shipping rates: * Shipping rates are for shipping zones in the U.S. only .
  2. International shipping rates:** To view international delivery zones, please click HERE. Your packages may be subject to the customs fees and import duties of the country to which you have your order shipped. Rate is subject to change if package weighs more than two pounds and/or shipment value exceeds USD100.00.
  3. Other Countries: Please contact Kingbright at here for freight charge information not within our shipping zones.
  4. Dimensional weight charge: Applicable charges can be referenced on the following service guides, FedEx and UPS.
U. S. Domestic
USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail
Small Box (9"x6"x2")Medium Box (12"x9"x6")Large Box (12"x12"x6")

Shipping Method 2.0 lbAverage cost each additional lb
UPS Ground (1 - 5 Business Days)$11.42$1.99

Shipping Method 1.0 lbAverage cost each additional lb
FedEx 3 Day (3 Business Days)$14.88$1.99
FedEx 2 Day (2 Business Days)$18.56$2.99
FedEx Priority Overnight (Next Business Day)$35.94$3.99

Shipping Method 1.0 lbAverage cost each additional lb
FedEx INTL Priority (A-C) (3 to 5 Business Days)$38.99$6.99
FedEx INTL Priority (D-J, N,O) (3 to 5 Business Days)$58.99$8.99
FedEx INTL Priority (K,L,M) (3 to 5 Business Days)$61.99$8.99
Global Priority MAIL-USPS Small Box (Order value must be less than $100.00, and package weight must be less than 2 lbs.)$25.95 - $34.95Flat Rate

  • All shipping fees are displayed in USD.
  • Shipping fees are estimates only, exact shipping fees are determined at the time of shipment.
  • Shipping calculator can be found here, FedEx and UPS
  • A $5.00 handling charge will be added to the order if subtotal is less than $10.00.
  • Freight collect to recipient's Fedex or UPS account will not be accepted.
  • Next Day Air / Second Day Air: Order placed before 3:00 pm P.S.T. will be shipped on same day subject to all items is in stock.
  • Standard Shipping: All other shipping method such as UPS Ground and 3 Day Service will be shipped within next business day subject to all items is in stock.
  • Kingbright has full discretion in determining the appropriate USPS flat rate box size based on product type and quantity.
  • Delivery Area Surcharge (DAS) and fuel surcharge may apply at the time of shipping, details can be referenced here, FedEx and UPS
  • For California Tax Exemption, please fax Seller's Permit & Tax Exempt Certificate to (909) 468-0505, attention: e-commerce sales.
  • Customers are responsible for all taxes, duties and customs.
  • "Address Correction Charge" : UPS FedEx
  • Shipping fees may vary due to dimensional weight of the package and number of the boxes, details can referenced on the following service guides, FedEx and UPS
FedEx Destination Country and Zone Table
Destination CountryZone
Afghanistan M
Albania M
Algeria M
American Samoa M
Andorra H
Angola M
Anguilla I
Antigua I
Argentina l
Armenia M
Aruba I
Australia J
Austria H
Azerbaijan M
Azores (Portugal) H
Bahamas I
Bahrain J
Bangladesh O
Barbados I
Barbuda I
Belarus M
Belgium D
Belize K
Benin M
Bermuda I
Bhutan O
Bolivia l
Bonaire I
Bosnia-Herzegovina M
Botswana M
Brazil l
British Virgin Islands I
Brunei J
Bulgaria M
Burkina Faso M
Burundi M
Cambodia K
Cameroon M
CanadaA or B
Cape Verde M
Cayman Islands I
Central African RepublicM
Chad M
Channel Islands (U.K) D
Chile l
China N
Colombia l
Congo M
Cook Islands K
Costa Rica K
Croatia M
Curacao I
Cyprus J
Czech Republic M
Republic of Congo M
Denmark H
Destination CountryZone
Djibouti M
Dominica I
Dominican republic I
East Timor J
Ecuador l
Egypt J
El Salvador K
England (U.K.) D
Equatorial GuineaM
Eritrea M
Estonia M
Ethiopia M
Faroe Islands H
Fiji K
Finland H
France D
French Guiana l
French Polynesia M
Gabon M
Gambia M
Georgia M
Germany E
Ghana M
Gibraltar M
Greece H
Greenland H
Grenada I
Guadeloupe I
Guam K
Guatemala K
Guinea M
Guyana l
Haiti I
Honduras K
Hong Kong F
Hungary M
Iceland H
India O
Indonesia J
Iraq M
Ireland, Northern (U.K.) D
Israel J
Italy E
Ivory Coast M
Jamaica I
Japan G
Jordan J
Kazakhstan M
Kenya M
Korea, South G
Kuwait J
Kyrgyzstan M
Laos K
Latvia M
Destination CountryZone
Lebanon J
Lesotho M
Liberia M
Libya M
Liechtenstein H
Lithuania M
Luxembourg D
Macau F
Macedonia M
Madagascar M
Madeira (Portugal) H
Malawi M
Malaysia J
Maldives, Republic of O
Mali M
Malta H
Marshall Islands M
Martinique I
Mauritania M
Mauritius M
Mexico C
Micronesia M
Moldova M
Monaco D
Mongolia M
Montenegro M
Montserrat I
Morocco M
Mozambique M
Namibia M
Nepal O
Netherlands (Holland) D
Netherlands Antilles I
New Caledonia K
New Zealand J
Nicaragua K
Niger M
Nigeria M
Norway H
Oman J
Pakistan O
Palau M
Palestine Autonomous J
Panama K
Papua New Guinea K
Paraguay l
Peru l
Philippines J
Poland M
Portugal H
Qatar J
Reunion Island M
Romania M
Russia M
Rwanda M
Saba I
Destination CountryZone
St. Barthelme I
(U.S. Virgin Islands) I
St. Estates I
(U.S. Virgin Islands) I
St. Kitts and Nevis I
St. Lucia I
St. Maarten/St. Martin I
(U.S. Virgin Islands) I
St. Vincent I
Saipan K
Samoa M
SKn Marino E
Saudi Arabia M
Scotland (U.K.) D
Senegal M
Serbia M
Seychelles M
Sierra Leone M
Singapore F
Slovak Republic M
Slovenia M
South Africa M
Spain H
Sri Lanka o
Suriname l
Swaziland M
Sweden H
Switzerland H
Taiwan F
Tanzania M
Thailand J
Togo M
Tonga M
Trinidad and Tobago I
Tunisia M
Turkey J
Turkmenistan2 M
Turks and Calicos Islands I
Uganda M
Ukraine M
United arab emirates J
Uruguay l
U.S. Virgin Islands I
Uzbekistan M
Vanuatu K
Vatican City E
Venezuela l
Vietnam J
Wales (U.K.) D
Wallis and Futuna M
Yemen Arab Republic J
Zambia M
Zimbabwe M
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