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Kingbright PN Distributor product pageQtyAs ofPhone NumberEmail
APHCM2012CGCK-F01Allied Electronics297310/22/2019800-433-5700 Contact 
APHCM2012CGCK-F01Chris Electronics400010/20/2019800-356-6599 Contact 
APHCM2012CGCK-F01Digi-Key Electronics5800010/22/2019800-344-4539 Contact 
APHCM2012CGCK-F01Digi-Key Electronics169610/22/2019800-344-4539 Contact 
APHCM2012CGCK-F01Mouser Electronics2341710/22/2019800-346-6873 Contact 
APHCM2012CGCK-F01Sager Electronics2200010/21/2019800-SAGER-800 Contact 
APHCM2012CGCK-F01TTI Inc3600010/22/2019800-225-5884 Contact 
APHCM2012CGCK-F01.TTI Inc22510/22/2019800-225-5884 Contact 
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