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Kingbright's SMD phototransistor products are designed to be used in consumer applications. These products feature low power consumption, are RoHS compliant and a moisture sensitivity level of 3. Browse our selection, but if you don't see what you're looking for please contact us.
PhotoPart NumberDescriptionOn State Collector Current (mA) Min.On State Collector Current (mA) Typ.Rang Of Spectral Bandwidth (nm) Min.Rang Of Spectral Bandwidth (nm) Max.Wavelength Of Peak Sensitivity (nm)Angle of Half Sensitivity (deg)Data Sheet3D Spec
WP7113P3C5MM PHOTOTRANSISTOR0.52.5420112094020Data sheet
AP1608P1C1.6X0.8MM (0603) SMD PHOTOTRANSISTOR0.10.34201120940150Data sheet
AP2012P3C2.0X1.2MM (0805) PHOTOTRANSISTOR0.20.44201120940160Data sheet
APT2012P3BT2.0X1.2MM (0805) PHOTOTRANSISTOR0.10.36701070940160Data sheet
WP7113P3BT5MM PHOTOTRANSISTOR0.73670107094020Data sheet
WP3DP3BT3MM PHOTOTRANSISTOR0.30.8670107094050Data sheet
AA3528P3S3.5X2.8MM PHOTOTRANSISTOR PLCC2 SMD LED0.20.44201120940120Data sheet
APA3010P3BT-GX3.0X1.0MM (1104) RIGHT ANGLE PHOTOTRANSISTOR0.10.36701070940110Data sheet
AM2520P3C032.5X2.0MM PHOTOTRANSISTOR SMD LED GULL WING0.81.5420112094020Data sheet
AA4040P3C-P224.0X4.0MM RIGHT ANGLE PHOTOTRANSISTOR PLCC2 SMD LED0.350.64201120940120Data sheet
AM2520P3C03-P222.5X2.0MM PHOTOTRANSISTOR SMD LED GULL WING0.81.5420112094020Data sheet
AP1608P1C-P221.6X0.8MM (0603) PHOTOTRANSISTOR SMD LED0.10.34201120940150Data sheet
AP2012P3C-P222.0X1.2MM (0805) PHOTOTRANSISTOR SMD LED0.20.44201120940160Data sheet
APA3010P3BT-P223.0X1.0MM (1104) RIGHT ANGLE PHOTOTRANSISTOR SMD LED0.10.36701070940160Data sheet
APT2012P3BT-P222.0X1.2MM (0805) PHOTOTRANSISTOR SMD LED0.10.36701070940160Data sheet
APTD3216P3C-P223.2X1.6MM (1206) PHOTOTRANSISTOR SMD LED0.41420112094040Data sheet
WP3DP3BT/BD-P223MM PHOTOTRANSISTOR0.30.8670107094050Data sheet
WP7113P3C-P225MM PHOTOTRANSISTOR0.52.5420112094020Data sheet
AM2520P3BT032.5X2.0MM PHOTOTRANSISTOR SMD LED GULL WING0.40.8670107094020Data sheet
AM2520P3BT092.5X2.0MM PHOTOTRANSISTOR SMD LED Z-BEND0.40.8670107094020Data sheet
APTR3216P3BT3.2X1.6MM (1206) PHOTOTRANSISTOR SMD LED0.10.36701070940140Data sheet
AM4457P3C-F-R1.5MM SIDE LOOKER PHOTOTRANSISTOR LED0.350.8420112094070Data sheet
APDA3020P3C-P223.0X2.0MM RIGHT ANGLE PHOTOTRANSISTOR SMD LED0.350.8420112094010Data sheet
AM2520P3C092.5X2.0MM PHOTOTRANSISTOR SMD LED Z-BEND0.81.5420112094020Data sheet

Only a portion of Kingbright's product information is available on this website. Please contact Kingbright for any unfound or custom-made items.

† For all 3D specs viewing, save files in local drive and open with your 3D application.
† Lens colors in 3D files are for display purpose only, please refer to Datasheet for precise lens type and color.
† In case of discrepancy, dimensions in Datasheet supersede 3D spec.