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Description : .4" DUAL RED LED DISPLAY
Emitting Color : Red
Material : GaAsP/GaP
Lens Type : White Diffused

ColorWavelengthLuminous IntensityViewing AngleData
3D Spec†
617nm9002000ucd @10mAN/AData sheet

† For all 3D specs viewing, save files in local drive and open with your 3D application.
† Lens colors in 3D files are for display purpose only, please refer to Datasheet for precise lens type and color.
† In case of discrepancy, dimensions in Datasheet supersede 3D spec.

  • 0.3 inch digit height
  • Low current operation
  • Excellent character appearance
  • Easy mounting on PC boards or sockets
  • Gray face
  • White segment
  • RoHS compliant
  • Ideal for healthcare devices and industry applications
  • Suitable for computer peripherals
  • Show numeric status
  • Display time and digital combination
  • Available in various colors
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