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Kingbright Ultrabright RA RGB LED

A new resolution for more vivid color combinations

To extend Kingbright''s tri-color LED solutions, Kingbright introduces a new right angle RGB LED to fulfill different customer''s design needs around the globe. This package features industry''s standard 3.0 x 1.0 right angle package with no common pins; each color can be controlled individually. This right angle RGB LED is optimized with the latest AlGalnP and InGaN technology to achieve maximum performances.

Ultrabright RA RGB LED

Product Features
  • 6 pins total with no common pin. Each color can be driven independently
  • High brightness using AlGalnP and InGaN technology
  • RoHS & IR Reflow compatible
  • Compatible with reflow soldering
  • Compatible with automatic placement equipment
  • Status Indication
  • Button backlight
  • Panel illumination
  • Compatible with light guide