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HELIDOME Series – engineered to provide enhanced solutions

A revolution to the traditional top emitting surface mount LEDs, HELIDOME series engineered in unique package and utilizing the latest AlGaInP and InGaN technology to obtain maximum optical output. With driving condition @ 2mA, HELIDOME series offers up to 5 times more intensity compared to the flat top emitting surface mount LEDs. The unique package features narrow viewing angle as narrow as 35º to achieve exceptional intensity output for better performance solution.

Performance Comparison (Dome Lens vs. Flat Top SMD LED)

1206 Dome Lens SMD LED
Part NumberLuminous IntensityViewing Angle
APTD3216LCGCK1525mcd @2mA35°

1206 Flat Top SMD LED
Part NumberLuminous IntensityViewing Angle
APT3216LCGCK1.23mcd @2mA120°

To meet the market demands, HELIDOME series is available in various industry standard footprints with flexibility to meet low current requirements for different application in diverse market sectors.

To see what is available in the HELIDOME series, please visit the HELIDOMEproduct page for detail information.

HELIDOME Product Features
The HELIDOME is available and packaged in most popular industry standard footprints. Our product is robust with enhanced performance to meet the demand for your design. HELIDOME is applicable for variety of applications – especially in consumer electronics, healthcare, industrial and appliance sectors.
  • Narrow viewing angle ~ as narrow as 35º
  • Higher intensity output compared to traditional surface mount LED
  • Featured in standard industry footprint - 0603, 0805 and 1206 packages
  • Available in full color spectrum
  • RoHS and REACH compliant