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IR Dome Lens SMD

Kingbright introduces another selection of infrared LEDs to broaden our coverage in the invisible spectrum. Kingbright IR Dome Lens SMD LED selection is available in various industry standard top emitting and right angle SMD LED packages. The dome lens attributes a narrow viewing angle enhancing performances and efficacy in the design.

Kingbright infrared dome lens LEDs have mechanically and spectrally matched phototransistor receiver for easy pairing to provide the best performances. These IR Dome Lens SMD LEDs are suitable for Industrial electronics – machine vision systems, Transportation – surveillance systems, and Consumer & Smart Homes – IR data transmission applications & more.

Product Features
  • Industry standard SMD LEDs with Dome Lens
  • Narrow viewing angle - as narrow as 10°
  • Wavelength range from 880nm to 940nm
  • High reliability and great spectrum sensitivity
  • RoHS compliant
  • Machine vision systems
  • Industrial electronics
  • IR data transmission
  • Remote control
  • Infrared illumination for cameras