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2nd Generation 0402 SMD LED

Kingbright introduces the 2nd Generation 0402 SMD LEDs. An ultra-thin LED in industry-standard 0402 package, featuring height of only 0.2mm thickness, with low power consumption, driven at 5mA. Improved with up to 4X higher intensity output compared to standard 1.0 x 0.5mm SMD LEDs, this package is ideal for backlighting and indicator application designs in wearable wellness devices, medical healthcare tracking devices, portable entertainment consumer electronics, and data center telecommunication applications. APG1005 series is available in single color options in the most popular colors, blue (468nm), green (525nm), and cool white.

Product Features
  • 1.0mm x 0.5mm SMD LED, 0.2mm thickness
  • Low Power consumption, driven @ 5 mA
  • Up to 4X brighter compared to 1st Generation of 0402
  • Compatible with automatic placement equipment
  • Moisture Sensitivity level: 3
  • RoHS compliant
  • Healthcare diagnosis & preventive tracking applications
  • Consumer electronics & entertainment portable applications
  • Data center/storage & telecommunication applications
  • Backlight & Status indicator
  • Wearable & portable devices
  • Home automation & smart appliances