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0603 LED Height-0.45mm

The APHM1608 series is the thinner version of the most standard APT1608 series among the 0603 LED collection. Single colors are available in APHM1608 0603 series with height 0.45mm for status indication and button backlights purposes.
PhotoPart Number DescriptionColorWavelengthMin.Typ.UnitViewing
Data Sheet3D Spec
APHM1608ECT1.6X0.8MM (0603) RED SMD LED625nm815mcd @20mA120ºData sheet
APHM1608SGCT1.6X0.8MM (0603) GREEN SMD LED568nm512mcd @20mA150ºData sheet
APHM1608VRBXF/A-5MAV1.6X0.8MM (0603) BLUE SMD LED (X=0.20, Y=0.15)X=0.20, Y=0.1580120mcd @5mA160°Data sheet
APHM1608YCT1.6X0.8MM (0603) YELLOW SMD LED588nm58mcd @20mA120ºData sheet

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† For all 3D specs viewing, save files in local drive and open with your 3D application.
† Lens colors in 3D files are for display purpose only, please refer to Datasheet for precise lens type and color.
† In case of discrepancy, dimensions in Datasheet supersede 3D spec.